Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Out!!

Leaving at 8 or 8:30 am for Montana. I can't believe that I'm leaving. I'll be staying in Denver Sunday night and then drive the rest on Monday...assuming the kids do well.

Wish me luck!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

100th a little happy dance!

This is my 100th blog post!

Here's what I have to say...
Since I have decided to gear my photography more towards children I am re-doing my name and logo. It took me a long time to think of something that was fun/funky, kid friendly, and reflects my personality.
At 3:00am sometime last week when I was lying in bed not sleeping I came up with
happy dance photography.

Click here to view my new photography blog. Still working on the logo.

Thanks for peeking!

Friday, February 19, 2010


So...Spencer and I have decided that it would be in our best interest for the kids and I to move back to Montana early. Here's why...

1. We need to find a house and close on it before Spencer graduates because I don't want to move more than once.
2. When Baer turns 3 years old he will be transitioning into the school district for his therapy. Because his birthday is in July it is in his best interest to move back early and get all his therapy going.
3. It will be much easier for Spencer to finish up the house projects without all the toys and kids messing things up.

So...see you Montanans in a week and a half or so.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baer's Mischief

One example of what Baer likes to do when I'm working on something.
Pretty sure 32 lbs plus the occasional bouncing force isn't so good for the dishwasher door...yet I pause to take a picture ;)

Thanks for peeking!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Formal

Photo displayed below

Spencer's school has a winter formal every year and hasn't taken me to any of them...until last night. I guess the last year is as good as any. We had a group of 8 and we all rode together in our armada. We had dinner, awards ceremony, and dancing.

Spencer ordered the vegetarian plate for me (he knows me so well) and got the chicken plate for himself. Mine was better than his was (or so it seemed by his reaction to his chicken plate...bland). One of the girls in our group kept leaving to go check on the Kansas State vs Kansas basketball game during dinner so we joined her after our meals. We joked that if her date/fiance had tried to pull that it may not have gone over well. Spencer wanted to make sure he got his cheesecake so Devin (the one who couldn't miss the game) grabbed one off the server's tray when she wasn't watching and handed it to Spencer. He took it with him and when we got back we all had been served our cheesecake...including Spencer. Lucky dog got two!

It seemed like forever before they finally started the awards. Devin announced the winners and then it was dancing time! I danced for a bit, Spencer danced a slow dance with me, danced a little more, and then decided it was time to go. Spencer and I left our group there to find their own ride home, haha. No, but really they were going to an after party to get smashed and said they'd take a cab home since we didn't want to go. I had a lot of fun and was glad that Spencer took me. Thankfully our friend Willa watched the boys for us and said they were really good for her. It was nice having a babysitter that we didn't have to drive home after.

Here is a picture of us and Joe's house where Spencer spends a lot of time working on the Jeep. What a great backdrop for formal attire, right??

I don't have a point and shoot and didn't want to take my big camera in so I'll have to get more pictures from one of the other girls who brought her camera.


As for the rest of our happenings...
We are trying to get our house in order so that we can put it on the market. Don't stop by though because you may be confused or be thinking I am a liar. I just can't seem to get anything done! Baer is going through what I am hoping is a stage where he wants me to hold him all morning. If I set him down, he SCREAMS and throws his body around. I swear he will hurt himself one of these times. I have been doing a little better at my biggest feat...the laundry. I do it everyday and I am still not on top of it. I am constantly wondering how I am going to get my house ready to sell if I can't even keep up with my basic chores? I am seriously considering putting the kids in daycare for a week so that I can try to get things done. The only problem with that is something to do with girl stuff, being in pain, and not wanting to work. We are hoping to get it on the market by mid February but we'll see how that turns out.

Today I did a brainless thing and left the sink running while I went upstairs to get something. When I returned, the bathroom was flooded and leaking through the floor into the basement. Not so brilliant. I grabbed a bunch of towels from......the LAUNDRY pile right next to the bathroom and threw them down. Guess it was convenient this time to be behind on the laundry. I was scared to go downstairs and see what the damage was. Luckily the area it leaked down into was right where the drain is and there weren't any boxes. How lucky is that?? I just hope the wood floors will be okay.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trapped under the chairs

Here are just a few pictures of my kids playing under the table a couple of weeks ago.
Baer only let me take one picture before he was off chasing the can across the floor and James had taken his place.
Such a sweet boy.


RAWRRR!!! (means I love you in dinosaur...look how much he means it)
Thanks for peeking!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old friend, and info on Baer

We are lucky to have my friend Pocahontas, her husband Jeff, and their son Ziggy with us for the week. I haven't seen Pocahontas since my wedding so it has been fun to reminisce about the old college days. I will have to post pictures later.

Today Baer had an appointment with the developmental pediatrician and it is official...Baer has autism. We still have to wait to find out if he has any genetic 4-6 weeks still of waiting for those. They don't have anything to do with autism...if he does have anything genetically abnormal it would be in addition to autism. He developmental pediatrician said that we are doing the right things with him right now (ie...therapy, therapy, therapy, etc...) so that is reassuring. She did say that he is way behind though and has a long way to go. Not a surprise. He is 2 1/2 yrs old and here are his stats... 3 feet tall (25 percentile for height), 32 lbs (75th percentile), and his head is in the 50th percentile.

Baer is a happy boy though and gave a lot of smiles and laughter to his developmental pediatrician.